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 White  Owl Paranormal is so excited to announce that in just 8 days (Oct. 11th) we will be  at the  Monroe House in  Hartford City, Indiana for a over night  investigation.
Our special guest, and prize winner, JAMES BROWN will be along to assist in the investigation...
This is going to be a great opportunity for us and for you, to go places steeped in mystery and darkness...
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It's a movie party we host from time to time, showcasing paranormal documentaries and anything else we feel would go along with the eerie tradition or frightening moment we celebrate!

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"Piercing The Veil"- Radio Interview

Follow the link below to listen to a radio interview that recently aired about White Owl Paranormal, on
Lexington Community Radio!

Running Time: 45:41

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 It's finally here!
The video Contest announcement and the lucky winner who will be joining   White Owl Paranormal  this October, at a haunted location, is......

James Brown

Please message our private inbox with your address...
Congratulations James!

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Sometimes discussions concerning the Paranormal can seem rather confusing, and it's perfectly normal to be a bit baffled by some of it, so please feel free to contact us with any question you may have...
Education and support is one of our prime missions...

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 White Owl Paranormal is a diverse group of individuals, each with his or her own ability, working as a team, to search for the truth and the answers to help individuals and families one case at a time.
Founded in April 2015, the group consists of lead investigator and founder Heather, and investigators Jeff, Baylea, Walker, and Lydia (who is also the team tech).

What We Do

White Owl specializes in thorough paranormal investigations, house cleansing, haunted item removal, and personal attachment removal.
We offer support, understanding, education, and in some cases referral, in situations we do not cover.
White Owl Paranormal also prides itself on confidentiality. Your private information and contact  with us, will NEVER be discussed with anyone outside our team.

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